Educational video – Directors Cut

Educational video – Directors Cut. Another style of shooting video.

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Giving is Easy

2nd in the ‘Giving’ video series, I share about easy ways to give utilizing technology, even in the midst of record breaking winter snowfall where everything is shut down.

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Giving is Living

I made this video in answer to a request to show people all over the world doing random acts of kindness. Here is one of my ‘acts’. Enjoy!  

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Sakhiya Re/Mellifluous Moments by Vaishnavi Kondapalli

Sakhiya Re/Mellifluous Moments, from the Album: “Simply Love”. Vocal artist: Vaishnavi Kondapalli. MUSIC VIDEO – by Jamee Culbertson of Way of the Arrow Media. “A journey of a lifetime of my music and an unquenchable thirst to imbibe its nuances has finally started to bloom. Thank you Guruji Sangeeta Lahiri. This musical album of […]

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How it All Began, Origins of the Universal Healing Tao System

Documentary Film: At a time in history when Yoga was practiced in basements and Martial Arts found only in the movies, Taoist Internal Alchemy was not accessible to the western world. This was the time Master Mantak Chia came to America with a dream to share Taoist Wisdom, back in the mid 1970’s. Early seekers […]

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Namaste Fever

SHINE ON NEW WORLD is an original theatrical production. The theme is universal: Music has the power to soften the hardest human heart. SHINE ON NEW WORLD is a message of unconditional love to promote harmony for all humanity. Video Editing by Jamee Culbertson of Way of the Arrow Media Namaste Fever, from the album “New […]

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Heaven and Earth Chi Kung

Heaven and Earth Chi Kung DVD with Marie Favorito, Director, Boston Healing Tao To order this DVD please go to:

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Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga class with Shakti Rowan “Them Changes” by Jimi Hendrix sung by Bobby McFarin

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Paul George Art Class 123

Learn more about Paul George on his website:  

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Moor Tenors

Moor Tenors. Featuring Sylvia Olden Lee. Written and Directed by Marian Taylor-Howe.

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